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Glenn Hebert (aka ‘Glenn the Geek’) was recently featured in an exceptional episode of the School of Podcasting podcast with Dave Jackson. Every horse husband should listen to it, just before downloading the Horse Radio Network app and starting to listen to past episodes of shows like Stable Scoop and Horses in the Morning.

I’ll admit that I have rarely listened to shows on the Horse Radio Network in the past (except when my wife was on, and even then I fast forwarded to the ‘good bits’). The reason is that I am a ‘horse husband,’ and not a ‘horse person,’ and so typically choose to listen to podcasts and books during my (long and harrowing) commute that are more directly relevant to my professional interests. As a result of this interview, however, I have been converted to a Horse Radio Network listener, and have become an even bigger fan of Glenn.

Here’s why …

Glenn is not a horse person by his own accord. He married into it. Glenn was not a horse person when he met his wife Jenn almost 30 years ago (awesome!), but since then has acquired a wealth of knowledge (which he often downplays) and is now the proud companion of a quarter horse named Beaker (pictured above). Encouraged by his brother (with whom Glenn was working at the time), who felt that Glenn needed something ‘interesting to do,’ Glenn started podcasting in 2008 with the launch of the Horse Radio Network which, at the time, had only one show: Stable Scoops. A man with vision, Glenn was among the first to have a podcast dedicated to horses. The network has now grown to include eight shows, and Glenn and his wife run the very successful network full time.

stablescooplisten200Probably what I respect most about Glenn’s approach is the amount of care he has taken to understand and meet the needs of his audience. Recognizing that horse people are often late adopters when it comes to technology, Glenn has put a lot of thought into how to deliver content using platforms that make sense to equestrians. In this, he has ‘put the user first’ (to borrow language from IT). He has also put the listener first in terms of the design of his programming. The experience of listening to Horses in the Morning is akin to listening to a horse-themed drive-time radio show. In fact, he even goes to great pains to record the program live, in spite of the fact that most listeners will stream it after the fact, because it creates an experience that is familiar to his audience. What this speaks to is Glenn’s integrity, which is something that he brings to bear in his relationships with sponsors as well. Not only does Glenn refuse to advertise for products that he doesn’t personally endorse, but he works to develop close relationships with his sponsors as well, inviting them regularly to contribute as guests on his shows. As Dave Jackson remarks,

Glenn focuses on his audience. He focuses on making great content that entertains and educates. It wasn’t until recently that he even knew to ask for reviews. He did it the old fashioned way. He earned their trust, and never lets his audience down. Consequently, they don’t let him down. As a salesmen, he has made more money in the past. However, he is now making a living and having more fun talking about a topic he is addicted to (horses) and loving every minute of it.

As a horse husband, Glenn speaks from the perspective of one who remembers a time when he knew nothing about horses except that they were adored by his wife. A ‘Driver’ (I have no idea what this means…’cuz I’m new to horses), he also self-identifies as an ‘average horse person,’ who is learning as they go along.  As a professional, Glenn is highly regarded in the podcasting community for his well-earned wisdom through experience, his integrity, and his authenticity. His success is one that has only come as a result of, not just supporting, but rather embracing his wife’s passion. Through an interest in getting to know her, he has come to know an entirely new world. What began as an effort to know and support Jenn better, has become a shared passion that, after nearly 30 years, continues to bring the two together through the production of high quality content that benefits the equestrian world in general.

I had the great fortune to be interviewed by Glenn not so long ago, and look forward to following him and working with him more in the future, learning from him as one horse hubby to another.

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