Boy Meets Girl…with Horse

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Jeremy Newton, taken while on honeymoon with with wife and business partner Joanna Newton.
Jeremy Newton, taken while on honeymoon with with wife and business partner Joanna Newton.

Like every young couple, when you first meet you discuss your hobbies, desires, dreams and so forth. It was not a shock to hear that Joanna wan into horses, but it certainly was not something that I was used to hearing in my world, which centered around soccer. Like most hobbies, I wondered a bit about the longevity or importance of her interest, but it did not take long to realize that horses are not a hobby, but in fact a passion.

From the very beginning I got exposed to hours a day, every day of the week, every week of the month, and every month of the year – regardless of how cold. If Joanna was not out riding, then she was talking, discussing, and learning.  It quickly became obvious that our relationship was a little more than the normal boy meets girl: it was boy meets girl with horse.

Don’t get me wrong.  I get it.  I will be playing soccer till the day I keel over, but the ball is inanimate. It does not have needs like that of a horse. But like most guys, I am a little dense. It might have taken me a good bit of a decade to realize what exactly a horse hobby is.

Even if you are a new horse hubby, you probably already understand the statement “I’m going to the barn” also means “I won’t be communicating with you for roughly 4 hours.” As an introvert, this made me excited at first.  That is, until I realized that every day life is now somewhat dependent on when she goes to the barn.  Your routine becomes a series of if-then statements like: If she is at barn, then I pick up my dinner for the night; otherwise we eat together.

This is where Joanna and I started having discussions about how to reach each other while she was riding.  This also led to conversations about what would happen if no one was around and she fell off. So we started talking about how to keep her phone a lot closer to her. After some basic searches and forum results, we found that the leader in cell phone carriers was the bra.

We thought we could do better.

horse hubby not pictured as he is presently fulfilling his duty as enthusiastic photographer at the American Equestrian Trade Association trade show
Giddyup Gear CEO Joanna Newton (horse hubby not pictured as he is fulfilling his duty as enthusiastic photographer at the American Equestrian Trade Association trade show)

So, Joanna, thought long and hard and created the GoVelope, a cell phone carrier specifically designed for equestrians.

It was obvious that people who spend thousands of dollars on horses and smell like poop are probably a little bit crazy.  I would be needed to help create and run the business, particularly since I have a background in finance and small business.

What could possibly be so difficult?

That’s right. Remember the early lesson about boy meeting girl with horse?  Same deal.  Horse lovers are so passionate, that even when running a business logic goes out the window when it is for the betterment of horses.

I have been to horse shows.  I have run a horse business.  I have gone to trade shows dedicated to horse business, and all I can say is that the passion horse lovers have for their horses far exceeds almost anything I have seen in my life.

They say the key to successful marriages is “Happy Wife, Happy Life.”  Well, let me tell you that happiness of that horse is a damn important aspect of that Happy Wife.  When you don’t understand her, often times the best thing you can do is smile and nod, because anything else would a violation of their passion. If you try to be a wedge in that relationship, then be prepared not to be in the picture. If you want to support that passion, you will find that it envelopes (or GoVelopes) you as well.

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