Four Tips for Surviving a Horse Show

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Giddyup Gear COO. Jeremy Newton, has some sage advice for how to survive a horse show
Giddyup Gear COO, Jeremy Newton, has some sage advice for how to survive a horse show
Giddyup Gear’s Chief Operating Officer, Jeremy Newton, recently wrote a really great piece about what motivated him and his wife to found the company together. As a bonus, he included a few horse show survival tips. As someone who has personally survived several horse shows with Jeremy’s help, I can personally vouch for the quality of his advice.

1. Shoes

Bring extra shoes. Yours will get ruined. Sandals are a bad bet. If you are sticking around for more than one horse show, then buy some good horse show boots.

2. Rain gear

This sport is a lot like the US Postal Service. It delivers, rain or shine.

3. Self entertainment

Consider this: 8+ hours a day for 4 days straight. You might just be sitting by a stall. Have something that keeps you entertained (music, games … alcohol, whatever you need)

4. Patience & Support

Those. You’ll need those. Bring lots of those.

I am very excited to welcome Giddyup Gear as’s first official sponsor! Giddyup Gear is a startup who’s flagship product, the GoVelope, will protect your wife’s phone from the elements, making sure that it is always nearby in case of emergency.

Giddyup Gear began as a partnership between a horsewoman and a non-horsey husband, and I thank them for being a sponsor of

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  • Gents, never underestimate the power of the horse show beer! Grab a few, and enjoy 😉

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