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Listen to the Horse Husband Edition of Horses in the Morning on the Horse Radio Network.
Listen to the Horse Husband Edition of Horses in the Morning on the fourth Thursday of every month on the Horse Radio Network.


Have you ever wondered what Horse Husbands really think? Are you a horse husband and wonder if there are are others who share your perspective? HorseHubby.com and the Horse Radio Network have partnered to produce a monthly horse husbands only edition of Horses in the Morning, during which co-hosts Timothy Harfield (founder of HorseHubby.com) and Glenn the Geek (Founder of the Horse Radio Network) explore the equestrian world through the bewildered eyes of men who are just trying to figure it all out.

The first episode of the podcast, sponsored by Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls, featured interviews with Brian Rutledge (husband of Colleen Rutledge and a regular contributor to HorseHubby.com) and David Taylor (husband of dressager Nicki Carson and writer for Eventing Nation). What did we learn from these conversations? Here are the highlights:

  1. Equestrians have great butts
  2. The horse business, as a business, is about people as much as it is about horses.  The value of higher education comes from the fact that it broadens people’s perspectives and allows them to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life.
  3. Most horsewomen don’t cook, even if they can.  Most horse husbands end up being the cooks in the family, because if they don’t cook, they don’t eat.
  4. Bring a camera.  A good way to deal with the anxiety produced by watching you wife (or kids) do dangerous things on horses is to bring a camera.  Putting a screen between you and your loved ones creates a ‘TV’ effect, which makes the reality of the situation way more easy to bare.
  5. Equestrians are used to ‘projects.’  They like finding diamonds in the rough, and don’t give up easily.  The consequence?  Unlike the ‘real world,’ in which the best way to avoid doing something you don’t like is to do such a bad job the first time that no one ever asks you to do that thing ever again, in the barn, doing a bad job at cleaning stalls, for example, just means that you will be trained harder and expected to do it more and more until you get it right…and then you’ll be asked to do it more and more because you are so good at it.
  6. Beware of European porta potties.  If used incorrectly, you run a very high risk of either getting a ‘Hershey’s Kiss’ or a ‘Smurf Butt.’
  7. Uncle Jimmy’s Hanging Balls are real things.  You can also buy ‘Licky Things,’ and ‘Squeezy Buns.’

You can listen to the entire episode via the player above, and be sure and tune in and listen to the next episode on October 22, 2015.

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