Every Girl Dreams of a Pony for Christmas

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Kim & Charity.  Photograph courtesy of Darrell Bryant.
Kim & Charity. Photograph courtesy of Darrell Bryant.

My wife Kim has several medical issues that lead to weight problems. She was going to try an exercise program and I said, “think outside the box. You love and have owned horses in the past: go work in a barn, throw hay, muck stalls (shovel them to us tender feet).” She found a barn that would let her work as a volunteer, and it helped maintain her weight. Charity fell in love with my wife and adopted her. Charity had been incorrectly treated in the past and had developed a bad foot before we got her. She has since gotten exceptional care from the NC State Vet School folks.

When I saw how much the horse liked my wife and how much my wife enjoyed the horse, I did the only thing possible: The horse was her surprise Christmas present.

Kim had no idea. I arranged with the barn owner to buy her and nothing more was said.  We showed up for the barn Christmas Party and while the party was in full swing, the owner snuck out to the barn, and put a big red ribbon on Charity.

All the guests went to the barn, I told Kim that Charity was now hers…giggle, I got some tears of joy out of her.

The rest, as they say, is history.  My wife has trained her, she rides dressage and pleasure. They have won numerous ribbons in local horse shows together. Charity is to my wife what racing is to me: an absolute passion that seems to only be understood by passionate people.

It’s not just an interest. It is PASSION for something!

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