Horse Hubbies and Hay Nets: Gamal Awad & Buck Harris

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HITM for 10-22-2015 by Uncle Jimmys – Horse Husband Gamal Awad and Helena’s Buck


You know what sucks? Hay nets. You know who’s awesome? Horse husbands.

In the second horse husband edition of horses in the morning, my co-host Glenn the Geek and I talk to Gamal Awad, ex-marine turned massage therapist and husband of Canadian Olympic eventer, Hawley Bennett. How do you pronounce “Gamal Awad”? How do Gamal and Hawley maintain a healthy relationship as independent and ambitious spouses? What strategies does Gamal employ for dealing with the dangers that his wife has to face on a daily basis (HINT: it just might involve a Rugby leather bound hip flask from Dubarry)?

We are also joined by Buck Harris, boyfriend to Helena Bee, co-host of the Stable Scoop Show. Buck talks about being a horse show Dad. Buck grew up around horses. Although he doesn’t ride very often, he loves being around horses and talks about the ways in which a life with horses enriches his life.

Glenn the Geek talks about the bane of every horse husband’s existence: the hay net. Why is it that hay nets exist? Why are they so hard to fill, no matter what the design? Why are they so easy for horsewomen? What kinds of strategies do horse husbands use to avoid filling hay nets when their wives aren’t looking? All is revealed in the latest horse husbands episode of Horses in the Morning, sponsored by Uncle Jimmies Hanging Balls.

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