You’re going WHERE?!… to do WHAT?! On Buying our first horse trailer

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Photograph by Timothy Harfield
Photograph by Timothy Harfield

I’m sure many of us have been there. We can recognize the signs:

It started with a couple subtle conversations, and then a few more “not-so-subtle” conversations, and then online research. Sweating palms, increased heart rate, sleepless nights… No, I’m not talking about ANOTHER horse (not yet, at-least).

Between my wife and our two daughters, we have my wife’s 17yo Thoroughbred and a 7yo Welsh pony that our girls share. Our girls have recently progressed from the barn shows to their first year of “off-site” hunter/jumper shows. But we need to go off-site, and neither Charm nor Riley will fit inside our family SUV. So what’s a Hubby/Dad to do? Time to get a trailer.

Now, being the astute, loving, pay-attention-at-all-cost Hubby that I am, I am quick to realize that not any stockyard trailer will do. The more I researched, the more options, the more accessories (am I buying a second home?). You get the picture. This is not going to be easy.

At first, I had it narrowed down to two brands, Brand “X” and Brand “Y.” But knowing my wife, I also knew a certain “level of features” was non-negotiable. Very proud of myself, I presented my research to my wife, and the first question was, “Does it have a dressing room?” Whoa… I didn’t see that coming! After all, our girls are 10-12, we have a large SUV, we’re not into multiple outfits and Dressage and… What the hell am I talking about? They are 10-12 year old girls, and they’re not going to be happy changing in the SUV. Boy’s change in SUVs, and we don’t have boys.

So, backpedaling, I remember one brand, 2H straight load, bumper pull WITH DRESSING ROOM (see, I told you I did my research), that I didn’t present to her. One dealer had one local, but it was used and way overpriced. He didn’t want to deal. I could find a brand new one for the same price, but it was located in Maine (about 500 miles and $100 in tolls from where we ride). So what is any proper Horsehubby to do? Why, drive to Maine of course! In the course of 36 hours (give or take), it was drive north, spend the night, finalize the paperwork, hook up and drive home. Arriving home around 11:00pm in the dark, I managed to avoid Bambi and Bambi’s daddy every step of the way.

My wife met me in the driveway, and under the glimmer of a fluorescent street lamp, she had a tear in her eye, and gave me one of the warmest hugs I’ve ever received. She didn’t need to say a word.

Yeah, I went to WHERE to do WHAT.

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