Horse Hubby to the Rescue!

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So I stopped by the barn a couple days ago to check on our horses. Between what’s left from Snowzilla (we saw 36″+ of snow) and a fresh 6″ of snow the other day, the paddocks are quite messy. One of the young ladies (college) who helps in the mornings was riding in a golf cart and dropping flakes of hay for everyone to enjoy.

As I left the barn to check on our pony Blaze, I see the golf cart axle deep in semi-frozen muck in the paddock, loaded down with a bale+ of hay … and a damsel in distress.

(It was around 15℉ windchill. Don’t ask me why the cart was IN The paddock to begin with. I was too cold to give a…)

What’s a Horse Hubby to do, but help her out?

Girl: “i cant get any traction”

Me: “have you tried using the hay?”

Girl: “that’s how i got stuck… delivering hay!”

Face-Palm. DOH! Ok… it was too cold to be any more of a smartass. I showed her that if you stuff hay under both sides of the wheels, you just might get enough traction to get unstuck. We tried it, and we did. She hopped in and gave it some “gas.” With some rocking and pushing, “Penelope Pitstop” was saved. As for the ponies?… lets just say they enjoyed the show … and the hay!

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