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Martyn HathawayI don’t know about your horsey partners, but Sam can be a bit of a whirlwind. She’s more than happy to do things herself (I just tend to get in the way), but jobs will be done! The phrase “Could you just….” does tend to get uttered often and sends a shiver down my spine every time. Gone are the days of having a sit down in an evening with a beer, Playstation on and feet up. Well that is until it’s time to go to the horses!

Now I don’t mind coming down to the yard and giving a helping hand, anything to get done a bit quicker, especially if we need to be anywhere on time! But, horses are Sam’s hobby. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want me there every evening, mainly because there wouldn’t be as much chatting and I may end up learning how much money is actually spent on horses and not just what I’m told. So, when she heads out to go to her other home I get the house to myself, a bit of quiet time! This is a brief list of how I like to spend my free time.

  1. Despite not being in the house I still manage to get a list of jobs, either quickly shouted to me as Sam’s finding her tight legging trouser thingys (jodhpurs??) or as she’s making her way out the door. Now although I do listen intently when a list of jobs is being reeled off to me there is the ‘odd’ occasion that I miss one or two, so I tend to have more time to relax than I maybe should! Still the first thing I do does tend to be running round the house getting the jobs that I remember, done as quickly as possible. Normally getting these done may take a few hours, vacuuming, hanging the washing out, putting another load in, a general tidy up. However when I know if I get the jobs done I won’t then be given more to do, they tend to get done a LOT quicker.
  2. Beer! Running around the house getting as many jobs done as quickly as possible can feel like a sport and makes you thirsty. Personally I like to time myself getting the jobs done, if I can beat my current record then I get to celebrate with a beer! If not I have to have a commiseratory beer to cheer myself up. I honestly think, if we work together, we could get this into the next Olympics!
  3. Sports. I love football. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sunday League or Champions League I can watch it. Although Sam doesn’t mind the occasional match on the TV, when the season is in full swing the box is full of recorded games! I need to catch up at some point. My sport obsession is not just confined to football…anything with a bit of competition and I’m hooked. I must admit this is pretty much the only reason I moved to BT…BT Sport is amazing! So many random sports to get into!
  4. PS3. I’m not a massive gamer, but occasionally I do like to zone out with a bit of Assassins Creed or Batman! I am a bit of a geek really, I’d like to think I hide it but Sam just laughs at me when I say that. There has been the odd occasion when I started playing when Sam leaves and I’m still there when she walks back in. The disapproving look I got when that happened led me to doing jobs as before sitting down.
  5. Nap. You horse women are hard work!

Now I know I have said I get the jobs done as soon as Sam leaves…but the truth is I may leave the washing up. This means that just before the horse wanderer returns (I’ve got quite good at judging this) I can start the washing up and make it look like I’ve been doing housework the entire time! Clever.

Sadly, despite working so hard whilst I’m home alone, if I want to eat before going to bed I also end up making tea! Outrageous I know! If you have any other ideas how to fill the time please leave a message in the comments below.

Originally posted to The Horse Husband.

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