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Sometimes a guy just has to sit.

strongback-chairWhether you are watching your wife ride/compete, stealing some time to get some work done, or just hanging out, it’s important to have a good place to sit. For a while now, I’ve been either relying on the kindness of strangers, squatting on vacant chairs, or just squatting (personally, I’m not one for siting on the ground, but that’s always an option as well). If you don’t take responsibility for your own seating arrangements, you run the risk of not having a seat. Or, what’s almost worse, you run the risk of having an uncomfortable one.

Standard folding lawn chairs are terrible. The way they are designed, they force your body into among the worst postures possible. Shoulders crumpled, hunched over … these folding chairs are appropriately named: folding chairs fold YOU! They are uncomfortable and absolutely non-conducive to either spectating or getting any kind of work done. Interestingly, they also force your body into a very submissive position, exacerbating any sense of immasculation that is probably already being felt by the recently initiated horse husband/boyfriend.

I set out to solve both of these problems: (1) not having a place to sit, and (2) having a crappy place to sit.

The solution arrived in the mail yesterday: a STRONGBACK Elite Folding camp chair. Unlike other folding chairs, this chair has a built-in lumbar support that actually braces your body instead of sucking you in. It’s much roomier than I even expected, and incredibly stable. A well-designed product, I took it for a spin today while hanging out at a local horse show. I wanted to go, but also knew that I needed to get some work done. By bringing this chair, I truly like I had brought ‘home base.’ In a sea of activity that was otherwise entirely my wife’s domain, I had a place to call my own. A lily pad. A castle. But it was also a fabulous work station.

As with anything, there are always downsides.

Don't make the case for your chair too convincing, or you just might wind up buying two...or maybe three. (Pictured: Elisa Wallace and TyTy)
Don’t make the case for your chair too convincing, or you just might wind up buying two…or maybe three.
Pictured: Elisa Wallace and TyTy

  1. Size. The chair is admittedly larger than most (a bug that is also a feature), but the company has tried to make up for its size by providing a rather hand carrying bag.
  2. Price. Another potential downside is that it is a little bit on the expensive side. At $99.95, it can be difficult to justify the expense. In fact, it is for this reason that it sat in my Amazon shopping cart for months before I finally hit the big red button. But there is nothing else quite like it on the market, and the build quality makes me feel like it will be with me for a long time. This is not a purchase. It’s am investment.
  3. Wife-appeal. It will not impress your wife. I tried to to impress mine and received a three word reply: “It’s a chair.” But that is exactly the point. The vast majority of mobile furniture does not feel like furniture at all. The point is not that the STRONGBACK feels like rainbow. The point is that it does not feel like crap and destroy your body. The point is that it’s a real chair.

From my throne today, I was both supportive of my wife and supported. I was also exceptionally productive in other ways (including writing this pulitzer-worthy blog post). After a very successful day of testing, I feel like my quest to find the perfect horse husband chair has been a tremendous success. From now on, this chair is going to live in my vehicle so that I can be sure to have it at every horse show and event.

If you’re going to sit, making it the best sit ever.

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