horsehubby.com is a resource for all those crazy enough to consider a relationship with a horse-woman. This includes husbands, but also boyfriends, fathers, and anyone else who has had the great (mis-)fortune of finding themselves in the position of supporting a woman with a passion for others of the equine variety.

Learning how to navigate your relationship with a horse-woman can be baffling and frustrating, but it can also be the richest and most fulfilling experience of your life. The biggest problem is that, assuming that you are a non-horse person, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into until you are already neck deep. Until now, almost every ‘horse hubby’ has had to figure it out by themselves. The resources provided by this site, which include stories, interviews, relationship advice, instructional material, and survival tips (with a side of humor) will offer lovers of horse-women everything they need to make sense of a strange new world, become supporting partners, and discover just how much fun a life in the barn can be.

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